"It offers a rare opportunity to experience Tarrega’s own compositions alongside those of two premier league names – a stern test from which Tarrega emerges virtually unscathed. This is due in no small measure to the performance, which is tidy, sensitive, and schmaltz-free." - CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE

About Serenade
This recording offers a bird’s eye view of the guitar in the 19th century played on original instruments.

Two features stand out: firstly, work by big name composers not normally associated with the guitar such as Schubert and Paganini and secondly the special 19th century practice of arranging works written for one medium for another (although arranging is of course by no means unique to the 19th century). I tried not to confuse the issue by introducing my own arrangements of 19th century music but only to use those made by 19th century guitarists. Consequently, one can find two different sets of arrangements of works by Schubert - by Johann Kaspar Mertz and Francisco Tarrega- originating from different periods and therefore played on two different guitars.

Some arrangements were clearly intended for professionals (Mertz, Tarrega) while others were for keen amateurs for use in the comfort of the home (Paganini’s arrangements or Mozart and Rossini). In these pre-hi-fi days the function of the piano or guitar in people’s homes was to a large extent to be able to access the great orchestral and opera music of the day. This explains the large market for sheet music of arrangements of this type.

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