"The first half of the disc is devoted to established works by Brouwer, Villa-Lobos, and several more of the usual suspects, while the second half is a delightful flurry of new commissions from some of our liveliest contemporary composers, such as Howard Skempton, Errolyn Wallen, and Graham Fitkin." - INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW

About Music of Dance
The Music of Dance features dance miniatures by Johann Strauss (arr Coste), Francisco Tarrega, Manuel de Falla, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Astor Piazolla and Leo Brouwer. As well as a newly commissioned suite of dances by Graham Fitkin, Errollyn Wallen, Howard Skempton, Philip Cashian, Edward McGuire and Alistair King. It is played on 19th century and modern guitars.

Track listing
1. Danza del altiplano ~
Leo Brouwer
2. Danza caracteristica
3. Guajira criolla
4. Verano porteno (tango) ~
Astor Piazzolla
5. Choros No. 1 ~ Heitor Villa-Lobos
6. Homenaje ~ Manuel de Falla
7. Cancion del fuego fatuo (polo)
8. Danza del Corregidor
9. Danza del Molinero (farruca)
10. Pepita (polka) ~
Francisco Tarrega
11. Vals
12. Gran Vals
13. Guajira ~ Emilio Pujol
14. Seven Little Waltzes ~
Johann Strauss (arr, Coste)
15 - 22. Suite: The Music of Dance (Commissioned by IGF)
15. Mr Kerstens’ Tango ~
Philip Cashian
16. Beguine ~ Howard Skempton
17. Freddie and Ray ~ Graham Fitkin
18. Slip Jig Blues ~ Edward McGuire
19. Walking me to work ~ Errollyn Wallen
20. Three Dance Miniatures ~ Alastair King

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